Hendel’s Restaurant

Cozying up with the family for brunch on a cold Sunday morning.

Savoring a classic pulled pork sandwich outside on the patio. Sipping on a mint spritzer with friends while enjoying live, local music.

A landmark in Old Town Florissant, Hendel’s is known as a place to gather, relax and enjoy.

“Hendel’s is truly a hidden gem in North County, tucked on a quiet corner in the growing community we’re so thankful to be a part of.”

Christina Bennett, Owner

The restaurant’s rich history dates back to 1873, with its beginnings as grocery and general store. In 1915, the Hendel family purchased the building, and for the next 78 years, it grew as a specialty grocery store and butcher shop. In 1994, after the Hendels retired, the Bennett family purchased the building, making it into the restaurant it is today and keeping the namesake in honor of its former owners.

“Customers come in that remember the penny candy counter or the butcher shop where their parents would come and buy their meats. Or they would come after school and buy their little bag of Swedish Fish. There’s a lot of history and memories here.”

Christina Bennett, Owner

People flock from all across the region for the warm, welcoming atmosphere, where every customer is made to feel special. It goes right along with their tagline: “There’s no place like home.” And for many people, Hendel’s feels just like that.

“Hendel’s has always been a cornerstone of the community — it’s a gathering place for people of all ages. For me, it’s always been a second home.”

Nate Bennett, Chef/Owner

For the Bennett family, there’s little more important than supporting their community. Hosting events and fundraisers and donating to local organizations doing good, like TEAM Food Pantry and the Florissant Historical Society, Hendel’s is giving back to the place it’s called home for more than a century.

Visit Hendel’s at 599 St. Denis Street in Florissant, Mo.