True North is the authentic story of the many diverse communities and people that make up the northern part of the St. Louis metro region. Being authentic means that we acknowledge our struggles, embrace our diversity, celebrate our successes and invest in the future.

Think you know North County? We think you’ve just begun to scratch the surface. Did you know we are home to a national champion step team? That our health care systems have invested millions services and infrastructure to bring the best care to our residents? And that our citizens include entrepreneurs who have built wildly successful businesses from the ground up right within our borders?

There’s so much more to know about North County, and we will continue to highlight stories about our community. Check back often! And if you have good news to share, submit your story here.

“We are so thankful to be in North County because it is where we feel most like home. We enjoy being able to thrive in this community, in our business and in our personal lives”

Christina Bennett, Owner, Hendel’s

True North is led by North County Incorporated. As part of our mission, we share True North and foster growth and development in North County. To learn more about North County, Inc. visit our website.

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