Gentlemen of Vision Step Team

Founded in 2009 by Marlon Wharton, a guidance counselor at Riverview Gardens High School, Gentlemen of Vision is both a step team and a community-based program serving young men across the St. Louis metropolitan area.

“It’s not really about stepping; it’s about pushing them to the highest level of everything they do. We do it through step, but it’s really about life.”

Marlon Wharton, CEO

Aimed at helping youth succeed, the program focuses not on step, but on academics, leadership and service. GOV demands time, discipline, good grades and post-graduation plans of its team members. Through this, they are empowered to become leaders in their schools and communities and better prepared for their futures.

Their success isn’t measured by their number of trophies or national titles — although they have many. Rather, their greatest achievements are those off the stage. The program has a 100 percent high school graduation and post-secondary placement rate, and more than 90 percent of GOV team members go on to college.

“Gentlemen of Vision, for me, is a mentorship program. That’s what it’s all about. It helps us become better men, in our future and in life.”

GOV team member

“Our doctors, lawyers, barbers, police officers — they’re our greatest trophies. Our vision is to create upstanding men. Step is just the catalyst.”

Chris Randall, Director of Programs

But it doesn’t stop there. Whatever path they follow after high school — whether it’s college, military or otherwise — GOV continues to support these young men as they pursue their goals and dreams.

Step is what brings them together. But it’s the guidance, passion and brotherhood that’s changing their lives.

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